Will drawing manga or anime improve my overall drawing skills

Question by Ahmed: Will drawing manga/anime improve my overall drawing skills?
I’m following a YouTube manga drawing artist called “Mark Crilley” and although he’s amazing and I absolutely love him, I wonder if I keep following his tutorials on how to draw specific things like manga faces, body, armor, hair, etc, improve my overall drawing skill? I mean I don’t want to end up being able to draw a manga/anime face perfectly but if I want to draw something from memory like a dog or a cat, I’ll fail miserably. Does drawing anything improve my overall drawing skills or do I really need to learn how to draw trees, animals, furniture, etc, apart?

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Answer by Sandle
It will only improve your ability to draw in that particular style. If you want to learn how to draw things like trees, animals, furniture, etc, then you will have to practice at them as you have at manga/anime style.

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  • thundybear says:

    The best way to improve your art is to reference real life. If you go on a stock photo websites ( lists 10 of them ) you can look up a dog or cat photo and draw it from the reference. Keep doing that, and soon you can do it by memory.

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