Why does a vegetable garden “need” 6 hours of direct sunlight? Share tips please?

Question by : Why does a vegetable garden “need” 6 hours of direct sunlight? Share tips please?
I started my garden the first week of March and for different reasons my planters were put in a spot that only has 2 hours of direct sunlight each day. I originally had 28 plants and I am growing seeds that just popped up today(!);(I have 3 planters) and only 2 have died from lack of sun(I think that was the cause) but everyone keeps telling me I should move the planters. WHY!? My plants are fine and I do not have to water them nearly as much because they get morning sun and where I live it is VERY hot and humid in the summer atleast.(up to 100 degrees) I do have a watermelon plant in a pot in the sun but it is doing great! Experiences- gardening with little sun?

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Answer by Teresa
They say they “need” it because thet need time to make food, they need the sunlight for that, but if yor plants are living fine than dont fret :) the only thing that may suffer is your fruiting, in order to flower and fruit it actuallt takes an ENORMOUS amount of energy for a plant to do so, and like the human body it wont reproduce unless it has enough EXCESS energy to do so.

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  • Suntio says:

    Your plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. They will grow even of you don’t give them enough sunlight, but they won’t grow as large and won’t produce as much as they would if they did get 6 hrs of sunlight a day. Depending on how little sunlight they receive, they may die. The keys to growing vegetables are: good soil, water, and sunlight. Just make the effort and move the planters.

  • bill j says:

    Different vegetables require different amounts of sunlight. Generally, the more sunlight a plant gets the better it grows. Plants use the energy of the sun to turn water and fertilizers from the soil into plant growth. If they get little sun they will grow very slowly and have small yields or sometimes no yield.

    I live in Oklahoma and the summertime temperature often exceeds 100 degrees. I plant some of my garden in full sunlight and have an excellent harvest every year. Some I plant in partial shade or put cheesecloth shades over them to partially block out the sun.

    Plants that need maximum sunlight. Corn – beans – okra – melons

    Plants that need partial shade. Peas – squash – tomatoes – cucumbers

    The package your seeds came in should have a chart about planting times and shade.

    If you are going to transfer your plants to the ground here is a great idea. I do this every year and it works GREAT. Go to your local carpet store and they will give you old carpet for free. Place the carpet on the ground where you want your garden. When you transfer your plants (it must be plants, you can’t plant seeds under the carpet, they won’t sprout) cut an X in the carpet, place the plant in the ground and push the carpet back around the base of the plant. The carpet blocks sunlight so grass and weeds won’t grow in your garden. The plants will grow because they have stem and leaves to absorb sunlight. You don’t have to weed, you don’t have to hoe, and because the carpet blocks the sun the ground doesn’t dry out so you have to water less. Any water or fertilizer you put on top of the carpet will soak through and into the ground.

    Once you try the carpet method of gardening you will use it every year. It takes so much of the labor out of gardening. Good luck.

  • John Lucas says:

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