Where can I get a calligraphy “set”?

Question by : Where can I get a calligraphy “set?”?
Is there anywhere where i can get a calligraphy “set?” My art teacher is teaching me how to do calligraphy and i think it’d be cool to practice at home. So where could I get a “set” with the strokes and direction, and pen, and ink? or, if they aren’t sold this way, all of them separate.

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At barnes and noble near the checkout, there are various boxed sets of mini crafts and activities. About two years ago I bought a calligraphy set there, and it has all you need (pen, ink well, book , and practice paper). I’m sure they still have it. I believe it is called “the art of calligraphy”

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  • Vince M says:

    Also, pretty much any arts and crafts supply store will carry these kits, books, and replacement supplies.

  • peninhand2004 says:

    Without knowing the type of calligraphy you are learning, hard to recommend tools, books. If you are learning broad-edge calligraphy (dip pen? fountain pen?), see the vendors below. These are catalogs ‘real’ pro calligraphers shop from.

    If you are learning script/cursive, are you using a pointed pen? the nib dips into ink and is very flexible? You can also practice at home using a monoline pen…a simple gel writer will do to practice letter forms/shapes. see http://iampeth.com for lessons, videos, samples…all free

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