What is an easy way to get Mica Flakes to stick to fabric?

Question by Lex J: What is an easy way to get Mica Flakes to stick to fabric?
I am making some primitive snowmen and I want to know an easy way to make the Mica Flakes stick to his fabric.

I’ve al read y tried a number of different things including hairspray so I thought I’d see if anybody has any good ideas!


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Answer by Diane B.
Use some kind of liquid adhesive that dries clear (mix the flakes into it if they’re small, or you can “decoupage” larger flakes). The easiest would be “fabric glue” –the type that’s intended for use on fabric because it’s waterproof and flexible (plain permanent white glues would work too, but may not be as *flexible* because they haven’t had acrylic “textile medium” added to them like the fabric glues have). I think you could also use plain textile medium.
If you don’t mind that the result is stiffer, you could also use various kinds of clear liquids that are adhesive like clear fingernail polish, acrylic finishes for bare wood, clear glues of various types, etc.

I’d give any of those at least a week of “curing” after drying before attempting to wash them though.

I think there are also fusible webs and special sticky tapes, etc. that might be usable to attach things to clothing.


Diane B.

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