What does “OOKR” mean or stand for?

Question by cinren13: What does “OOKR” mean or stand for?
I went to an international camp about 20 years ago. Now that I am a big “scrap book er” I am putting all of the pictures and patches, etc., in a scrap book . I have patch (actually a ribbon with everything embroidered on it) that is white with a royal blue circle. In the circle is a picture (cartoon-like) of a white draw-string bag. On the bag it says “OOKR.” I’ve tried to search it on-line with no luck. The camp was in Buckinghamshire, England for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides if that helps. There were girls from all over the UK, US, Canada, Japan, and Sweden, and probably other countries I don’t remember. I’d love to know what the patch means! Thanks!

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one said object oriented knowledge representation

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