Watercolor Artist’s Ones to Watch

In the December issue of Watercolor Artist, we introduce you to 10 watermedia talents you should know: our 2011 “Ones to Watch.” You’ll see highlights from our full-length feature in this special slide show presentation. Pick up your copy of Watercolor Artist to see more paintings, hear from the artists themselves and the instructors who selected them as the year’s most promising watermedia talent. The December issue is available in print and digital format in our online shop: www.northlightshop.com. Plus, visit our website to see more online extras: www.artistsnetwork.com Subscribe today and get watermedia inspiration and instruction all year long: www.northlightshop.com

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  • carolmaharry says:

    So glad to see that older artists are “emerging”! such magnificent work! Thanks for the video!

  • juniperberrycat says:

    I know what you are saying, redwatercolour, having started pretty late myself. I just wonder where watercolor figures in the creative life of young artists.Has it held its popularity?

  • redwatercolour says:

    I used to think the same way but now that I work at a local Art Center & Gallery I realized being young doesn’t necessarily qualify one as an “emerging artist”. Very often people start painting & exhibiting their art at a later age due to lack of opportunities when they were young.

  • juniperberrycat says:

    Great artwork, but (with one exception) they look pretty old to be “emerging artists.” This is certainly not the “new generation of watercolorists.” None in their 20s or 30s?

  • FrFrankiejr says:

    Every artist deserves to be on this list of great talents. Astounding, congratulations, all of you!

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