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Let me know what your hobbies are/were! Also, my necklace was a gift from Scholastic and I don’t know where you can get one, sorry! My blog s: owlssayhooot.blogspot.com http Second channel: www.youtube.com

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  • joswhatsernameS2 says:

    i’ve experienced this phenomenon in middle school, and I will tell you, in a few years, you will regret getting mad at your friends for copying you. If you love your friends and they love you, just enjoy having something to do together. Instead of being a person who has a “thing” that they do, be a person who likes to learn about and do lots of things. sooner or later you will find something special for yourself, and in the meantime, you can find lots of cool hobbies, like Kayley, here. DFTBA

  • pandapower2000 says:

    I make duct tape stuff, and now People copy me. Honestly I get copied with everything. I am sick of it. Even my best friends do it. At first it was ok and now it’s not. I can’t do anything or have anything unique for myself… :,(. Can someone please give me advice :,( I’m only 12

  • hatorigirl1202 says:

    Rock on! Which type? Like glockenspiels are called bell kits? Or hand bells? Or chimes of some sort? Sorry. I played all of the above and get a little excited about such things.

  • citrinestone says:

    Am I being totally obscure or is that a Hunger Games necklace?

    When I was little, my unique hobby was playing out stories in my head. By myself. Now I get to be pretentious and call it “writing”, but deep down I know I’m still just that little kid running up and down the hallway being a fairy princess/Xena combo.

  • xKissedxDeathx says:

    I like to alter books. It’s like scrapbooking… but with a book. It’s really cool. You feel really bad at first, ripping up books and stuff. But I mean, you buy a book specifically to do it with xD You can do anything. Paint it, burn the edges, print off any photos if it had any artwork in any version or anything. I’m working on Alice in Wonderland right now, but I’m trying to keep it to the book and animated movie (:

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