Truth revealed about ham radio

K1OIK speaks the truth about ham radio. Contesters, “a proud and meaningless association of human beings”

This is a video about buying your very first ham radio! I also make some recommendations about good models to pick as a first radio. There are many more options than the ones I have suggested! If you’re not sure about a particular model, leave a comment down below and I’ll put in my two cents.
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  • burt2481 says:

    You seem very smart, get a license occasionlly you will run into people like yourself worth talking to

  • EsEblog says:

    If that’s true, I don’t see the point in getting a ham licence other than to be able to build and experiment with your own transmitters or receivers.

  • motard811 says:

    Great analysis, I totally agree!

  • oldtimeradio56 says:

    I remember going to a Ham shop in the ’70′s, and I had to show the dealer my Ham ticket to purchase some gear. I don’t know if the gov’t required this or the dealer did it on his own. Back then there was a big problem with cb’ers using ham linear amps on 11M and the dealers, who were hams themselves, tried to crack down on illegal ops. It would be good to bring those days back. 73 from Jay

  • burt2481 says:

    It does not even come close to sounding like CB radio. CB is far far worse. Populated mainly by trailer trash and welfare receipants

  • AD7BK2 says:

    Well, I been listening to the bands lately, and I am sadden to see how bad it has gotten, in some areas of 80 and 20m it sounds like the CB Radio. Cussing, music being played, jamming, attacking other hams, and just plan stupid crap going on. Without any real active enforcement going on, the bands are going to go the way of the CB. It is very sad. In 2003 I worked very hard to get my Code and my Extra class ticket just to hear this stuff. It is like it is an over glorified CB now in days…

  • timpovikings says:

    “Most defiantly not! You don’t need to have an all-band antenna for an all band radio. In fact, I don’t know of a single “all-band” antenna that will work with all bands. You should start with an antenna that you make yourself. A simple dipole can be built for <$20 very easily.” Kind of my point. A novice may not actually want to progress ‘up through’ so to speak, and therefore may decide a dual band model is a better option in order to gain experience.

  • wichitarob38 says:

    I wish I could find someone to give me a radio? :) talk about a fixed income… :) You obviously are a good person.

  • wichitarob38 says:

    What do you think about “portables” handheld? I’m new to ham and looking to get my first license soon, but want to start with a handheld radio instead of a base? any suggestions?

  • Sappercombatengineer says:

    John, you most probably wont hear an FM signal on an AM receiver or you just receive a hissing sound as FM and AM signals are totally different. It’s possible to make a phase or slope detector circuit that can be used with an AM receiver to receive FM signals – hope this info helps 73

  • Sappercombatengineer says:

    John, you most probably wont hear an FM signal on an AM receiver or you just receive a hissing sound as FM and AM signals are totally different. It’s possible to make a phase or slope detector circuit that can be used with an AM receiver to receive FM signals – hope this info helps 73

  • Sappercombatengineer says:

    If you’re interesting in obtaining an Amateur Radio licence in the UK and located in North Devon, here’s info on a radio club in your area: The Appledore and District Amateur Radio Club, which serves a wide area of North Devon and it welcomes all who are interested in amateur radio be they SWL, Foundation, Intermediate or fully certificated. It is affiliated to the RSGB and is also a certified exam centre. Just google The Appledore and District Amateur Radio Club. Good luck

  • kuyanzahar says:

    You can talk to china if you want

  • squito94 says:

    Could I talk to my sister in Boston when I live on Long Island with a ham radio?

  • iknowtech3000 says:

    What is a good handheld transceiver for under $150 that will do uhf/vhf all frequencies

  • twitchd8 says:

    that 300 ohm twin lead that’s swaying back and forth in the video outside the window, is that a matching section for a dipole, or is that a J-pole (or slim jim) antenna?

  • HassleCat says:

    I believe your first radio should be cheap. Also, it should be inexpensive. Affordability is important, too. I would look for a low price, and I wouldn’t want to spend much money.  Something within my budget would be good.

  • mrmanoli says:

    Good video I got my general bought a yaesu ft-950. What antenna would you recommend for the 950?

  • John Guillory says:

    Here’s a crazy question for you. If someone is talking on a frequency using FM, and your on that frequency using AM or AM upper Side Band, what will it sound like? Would you be able to tell that you need to switch modes to hear them? KF5QEO

  • Nacholibre1968 says:

    Thanks for the video. Taking my Technician exam this Saturday. Just curious….assuming I can afford to buy the $1000 first radio….what kind of antenna will I need in order to make the most of that radio? I live in a residential area where I will not be able to erect a huge antenna. Thanks again!

  • lucathefisherman says:

    Got a stupid question, I live in Montana and my family is in north Texas. I was wondering if I would be able to talk to them if we both had a yaesu ft 897? I’ve never operated or owned a ham radio but I’m planning on getting one this week and start on getting my license as soon as possible.

  • dirtyjob says:

    Hello, I recently passed my Technician class exam and have purchased the Yaesu ft-897d before watching your vid, i am gladd i bought the ft-897 as you yourself have stated it is a great radio to start out with, I also bought the optional ssb filter and the optional f30 power supply, love your vids please keep them coming.

  • daniliver says:

    Hi . I am interested in buying some kind of radio equipment but I was thinking if we can get a pci card and use the pc and programs to do the job this expensive toys you mention .
    Also what kind of anthenas should I buy , I’m quite lost in this area I wonder if you could send me a link of a proper website to know more about this subject.

  • martinsteele05 says:

    what are these radios good for? i use mine to talk to my co workers but what does everyone els use it for. all i hear are people saying if they sound good

  • NighthawkSLO says:

    For 1000€ u have a very big choice. My first station was Icom 735, and i still got it. Later i bought an icom 746 PRO which is around 1200$ (station here are a bit more expensive than in ). I think its best buy for that amount of cash and presonally i think its a lot better buy than Icom IC 7000 and FT 897. You can also buy Kenwood TS-480D or AT. In the future i am going to buy FT-857D for SOTA and M/P operations.

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