The 13th Annual Pastel 100 Competition

Now announcing the winners of the 13th Annual Pastel 100 Competition! You’ll find 100 prize-winning pastel paintings in the April issue of Pastel Journal, but watch this special slide show presentation to meet the artists who took our top prizes AND see pastel paintings you won’t find in the magazine. Enjoy the show! To purchase your copy of the April issue of Pastel Journal, visit your local art store or our convenient online shop: Plus, check out our website to see special competition extras: The Pastel 100 Competition will re-open for entries soon! Enter your best pastel paintings for a chance to win here: Subscribe today and get pastel inspiration and instruction all year long:

2 Comments/Reviews

  • zyzalo says:

    I agree – Theresa Emmit Allison’s work is just outstanding, love those aeroplanes, and the way she handles reflacted light. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • UnlistedUserName says:

    I think it might have if the piece were better composed for a magazine cover. The winning image does have a “feel” to it that to me, is more cheerful and conducive to selling magazines. As far as light and value, it is also ever so slightly superior. That said, I do enjoy looking at Theresa Emmit Allison’s image better and wish it would have won, since I feel it’s so different from so many of the still life pieces that are shown in Pastel Journal.

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