Starter Replacement 06 Honda Civic LX 1.8 Liter AT

Starter Replacement 06 Honda Civic LX 1.8 Liter AT

Read the step by step guide on my blog . I explain exactly how to replace the starter on a 06 Civic LX AT. I bought my star…
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  • Simon Alvarado says:

    The starter is located just next to the passenger CV axle. It has two bolts
    1) one short one and 2) a long one that is about even with the end of the
    starter. The long bolt has a stopper and that is as far as it is going to
    screw in. In my experience after replacing the starter on my 2007 Civic I
    found it a lot easier to remove the CV axle. With that taken off you can
    have room to work in disconnecting the wires. At the end of the starter are
    two metal clips that secured the harness.

  • b says:

    Here’s a good link to a forum with pics and instructions from the factory
    manual I believe.

  • catchmp82 says:

    Great job!! I changed my passenger side axle a few months back and found
    the starter!!! Wow it’s in a hard to reach area!

  • AllForTheGame says:

    thanks for posting, just taking out the battery is a bitch.

  • Simon Alvarado says:

    The bottom clip has a release clip that will release the harness from the
    clip. The other one is a plaster clip that attached to the metal clip. At
    this point you can move the starter so you can remove the power cable. To
    the left is a connector that clips to the starter. This will slide out. The
    bottom bolt is easy and so is the top one. A 12 mm short socket and a
    racket is more than enough. There is room for a cheater bar to break the
    thread. Move the starter around until it clear.

  • johnnyghee says:


  • mklowflyer says:

    Thank you much! I thought I was out to lunch when I couldn’t find it.

  • Simon Alvarado says:

    At this point the starter can come out by lowering it through opening
    created by removing the CV axle. Move the new starter around until it lays
    on the under carriage. Connect the top power connector and the other wire
    to the starter. Move it around until it sits in the proper place. Replace
    the bottom bolt but do not tightened, just enough to allow the starter to
    hang down. Follow the starter and locate the top opening for the bolt. With
    one finger on the hole and the other hand insert.

  • Simon Alvarado says:

    into the bolt opening. Now tighten the bottom bolt. With your 12 MM short
    socket and racket begin to slowing tighten the bolt. After the two bolts
    are secure insert the harness clips into the metal clips on the starter.
    There is no way to secure your power cable after the starter is tightened.
    Do not forget to insert the plaster stopper on your power cable. Reinstall
    your CV axle. Ten minutes or so in removing your axle will save you a lot
    of hard aches. I learned the hard way. Gooloc..

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