Soy Wax Candle Making for Beginners

Soy Wax Candle Making for Beginners

Learn how to make your own environmentally friendly soy candles with our simple to follow video . Visit us at for more information and soy wax candle supplies supplies.
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You all know that I have a candle obsession…. Yes, yes, yes…. I light them every day, every night… I adore the mood they set. Homemade candles are something I’ve been creating for decades… such a wonderful way to make something truly personal and fabulous (I love giving them as gifts…) such a wonderful thing for every occasion!! Now, you know me…. Like any other project that I have you join me for… I want to be sure that you SUCCEED!!! I’m all about demystifying complicated crafts and techniques and making them enjoyable and easy for you! Chances are you al read y have most of the goodies needed…. Maybe just need to hop online to order some wax for melting… but the rest is probably al read y in your home… waiting for you!!! Tracy Porter Best Homemade candle tips and ideas: · Use small containers and objects from your décor and pantry as vessels for the candles · Sprinkle herbs into the wax before the candles set · Embrace the drips… I prefer more.. as it looks artful! · Soy wax: eco-friendly and easy to use… also comes pre-shaved for easy meltability · A dot of hot glue keeps your wick in place — so smart! · Use a clothespin to hold and balance your wick as your pouring your wax…. Nobody likes a crooked wick darlings! · Once your candles are cooled and set….. consider nestling into a clear cellophane bag and personalizing with a tag: instant gift! · Have a candle-making party. Your friends will love it; kids love it! Embrace a new passion
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • candlescience says:

    Thanks! We recommend tins for beginners, you might want to try them first. Otherwise the Status Jar is really great since the sides are parallel and it’s a manageable diameter for soy wicking (3″ instead of 4″ in the apothecary). We recommend preheating jars to the same temperature as the wax is recommended to be poured. With Golden Brands 464 that is 135 deg F. 

  • candlescience says:

    Rough tops are generally caused by fragrance. Make sure you are weighting the right amount of fragrance, adding it hot (185 degrees F), and stirring well (2 mins). That will usually fix the problem.

  • rmbb10 says:

    I have a question; I followed the directions according to this video here and on the website as well as the instructions on the website as well and my candle tops did not come out smooth. Why was that and how do I avoid it in the future?

  • rmbb10 says:

    I really enjoyed this video; I wanted to know what containers you recommend using and do you heat the up 1st. I really like the apothecary & interlude glass jars; I want to get into candle making.

  • candlescience says:

    If kept at a high temperature for too long certain FOs will lose strength. We recommend adding hot to make sure the FO can fully dissolve, but then not leaving the FO hot for very long.

  • xxkleenexrockxx says:

    Is there a burnin point for the fragrance oils? I make soap and alot of fragrances burn off in certain hot temps. What’s the best temp to add fragrance without the wax being too hot??

  • candlescience says:

    The form that the wax is in doesn’t matter. To my knowledge all US produced soy wax is flaked. But if you can get high quality soy wax in slabs it should work fine.

  • JustTryAndTry says:

    can you tell whats wax flakes or a bar?i’m from germany and here i can’t really find soy wax flakes just 1kg bar but all videos i saw they use flakes :-/ should i invest more money for flakes or or not?

  • afkeyes says:

    I’ve come back to this video several times – you guys are seriously awesome! One more question for you though: When I pour my wax, the wick tabs sort of pop up a little and I have to be careful not to let them move. I’m attaching them with glue dots like you suggest. Is this an issue I should be concerned about? Maybe I’m pouring too hot? (Using Ecosoy Advanced, pouring at 155 like their website says for small containers.) Thanks again! :)

  • robyg70 says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. I used a couple of drops of lavender oil in mine. But I always stay in the room. I’m too paranoid to leave a candle burning in my house without me next to it lol. (Elvengirl on her husband’s account)

  • unlucky13tattoo says:

    Don’t put herbs in your wax. it’s a fire hazard. When the wax melts it flows to the center and so will the herbs, the herbs will then start to act as a wick and catch on fire , now melting the wax faster and hotter. Once the wax melts down to about 1/4 the container the wax will have become very hot, more than it should be. Now your container is at risk of cracking under extreme heat. What comes next? house fire. unless you plan on candle sitting the whole time you have your candle lit.

  • Alfonzo McCarthy says:

    Your having fun while going into detail about Candle making and I like that! Keep doing your thing despite what others say. Also thanks for the cookie cutter advice for I am sure that will help a lot in my candle making.

  • therealenriquefree says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video. I was able to learn a lot. I’ve been wanting to make my own candles for years. Thanks for the info Tracy!

  • RosalindandPearls says:

    Fabulous idea – Thank you so much. I’m making my own candle this week-end for sure -
    Much love your way – Enjoy your day and hanks again.

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