Should I get the Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera or the COOLPIX P100?

Question by ms_dosfreak: Should I get the Nikon D3000 DSLR Camera or the COOLPIX P100?
It seems that the P100 has much better zoom and a little bit higher quality images. But, why does the D3000 cost so much more? Does it being a “DSLR” make it special?

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Answer by Pooky
A dSLR will always give you a clearer photos compared to a little point and shoot because its sensor is much larger. It does better generally in low light condition too.

A dSLR can have its lens (easily) removed and you can replace it as quickly with another. A point and shoot-you’re stuck with one.

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  • fhotoace says:

    It seems that you did not do some research here.

    If you had, you will have noticed that the sensor on the D3000 is over 15 times over that of the P100.

    You will have also noticed that the D3000 uses interchangeable lenses from fisheye to extreme telephoto lenses.

    Being a DSLR puts the D3000 into a class of camera that is fully adjustable. The P100 P&S camera decides all the exposure settings with NO options for the user. This means that things like selective depth of field, star trails, light graffiti and other types of exposures cannot be controlled by the user of a P100

    And of course, what Pooky said.

  • keerok says:

    Yeah! Exactly. Straight to the point. More zoom and a little bit higher quality images. Get the P100 fast. Let them crazy photo buffs cry over their pitiful dSLRs.


  • Crim Liar says:

    The Nikon D3000 and the P100 are hardly comparable. The Coolpix P100 is whats called a bridge camera, and for your money you get a great little camera with a good zoom, and frankly there’s little else to buy. The D3000 on the other hand offers you much more flexibility and control, but it comes at a price – and that’s not just the price of the camera, but all the bits and pieces you can add on if you want to.

    To be honest if I were buying a DSLR today, I’d buy something better than Nikon’s D3000, it’s a great little camera, but the body is just a small part of the overall cost of a DSLR. If you’re buying a DSLR you may as well buy better, because you will want to/need to buy those extra items. If you’re not planning on buying anything more than the camera and a single lens you’d be an idiot to buy a DLSR at all!

    I hope that’s clear, and you can probably judge my level of insanity by the fact that I’m currently using a Sony A700 DSLR (with multiple lenses, and other stuff), a Canon G11, a Sony WX1 (this is the ultimate pocket-able event camera), a Samsung Video camera, and a Zoom Q4 for other interviews and gig stuff.

  • DigitalPhotography says:


    The P100 is not a DSLR so you can’t change lenses and it has worse quality and more noise at higher ISO speeds. It’s also slower at auto focus and most other stuff.

    Here is a post called ‘Buying A DSLR, what’s important, megapixels, features, brand, price, quality, video and which one to get. There are also Amazon links, here is the post –

    I’d get the D3000.

  • thursdaylsr says:

    A combination of what Pooky and fhotoace both said, with the exception of the P100 does have full manual mode. The D3000 will give you worlds better image quality than the P100, for the additional $ 100-$ 150 (whatever sale you’re hitting), it is worth it to get the DSLR.

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