Seed Starting Time!!!!

Its that time of the season!!! Time to start sowing your seeds to begin your garden for the year!!! Be sure to check out your zone to find the best and proper time to begin: Great Herbs to Start With if you are a beginner or have a strictly indoor garden: Lavender Sage Lemon Balm Rosemary Basil Thyme Bay Leaves Sage Catnip Great quality seeds: Burpee Gardening Supplies
Burpee Gardening

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  • lilithmoon1979 says:

    funny that i started to buy herbs today to put in a big pot i will just put on the most sunny spot of my house (I FOUND STEVIA) and now that i found this vid!! lol

  • Betsy Charbonneau says:

    I am le poor college student, so I bought a couple of large pots and couldn’t afford soil, then started my sprouts in ziploc bags with damp paper towels. A couple of days ago I borrowed dirt from the forest for my seedlings (and incidentally found a discarded pot-shaped chunk of fertilized dirt, too!) and finally transplanted today. Going strong! Hope they make it.

  • MsCasslong says:

    Do you know what’s great….I’m relatively new to the gardening hobbie…but I have planted seeds that i took straight from a tomato and a pepper fruit, they have now form fantastic seedlings. I can’t wait to see how they are going to progress!

  • cometmoon says:

    I got Nest Egg gourd seedlings growing but can’t plant them outside yet due to a cold snape going on :( (in Ohio, btw)
    any idea on how big(length) the root system is on these type of gourds? I got a few 3 liter bottles that I can use.. only problem w/ using those is finding a place high enough to put them so my one cat doesn’t get a hold of them, lmao!

  • AlicetheRedRoseFairy says:

    We have a giant garden and we love it! Today we actually started transferring a couple of our sprouts to our big garden and we started putting our compost into our garden to get it all ready for when we plant everything! YAY GARDENS!!!!!!!!!

  • atlan61 says:

    Glade to see you back Dee. I was wondering if you were aware of companion garding,and if you can do a vid on it, or broadcast on the subject. It basicly a form of harmanizing with nature. Example your tomatoes, should be planted with basel,and marygolds. What this dose it attracts preditory bugs tha help protect your tomatoes, hense no pestacide!

  • AstarteAquilo says:

    I have already started growing some baby plants..strawberries, basil, thyme, and about 6 tomato plants…I just planted some cantaloupe, pumpkin, squash, beans, and some others..can’t wait till I can start getting some yummy stuff :)

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