Scotts Virtual Fly Tying – Copper John

Intermediate fly tying video on how to tie a red copper john. For more fly tying videos and patterns, check out!!
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  • bekloppt775 says:

    The Copper John overall is a relatively good imitation for many types of mayfly nymphs, but in general the Copper John can imitate just about any of the aquatic insects you will come across if tied with the appropriate color of wire.

  • TripTaylor69 says:

    what is this fly meant to represent in the water?

  • smrinn1999 says:

    That’s great, careful though it’s addicting. But in a good way I guess. Best part is when you start catching fish on your own flies…and it’s WAY cheaper

  • Dylan Coates says:

    You make this look so easy. Then again, I have never tried to tie a fly yet. I just bought my first fly tying kit today!

  • smrinn1999 says:

    Thanks, I don’t know if the fish can see the taper but it definitely makes it look better. Good luck!

  • Jake Riggs says:

    Never heard of the san gabe having brookies in it, only ever caught bows and the occasional brown.

  • tonyidaho says:

    I like how you built up the body taper with thread.  I normally don’t have your patience and can appreciate seeing it done properly. Nice fly brother.

  • smrinn1999 says:

    I usually use medium wire for this fly. It’s a personal preference because I know a lot of people that tie with larger than that. I find the medium wire easier to work with and not quite a bulky. Good luck!

  • smrinn1999 says:

    @spacefrogg5. That’s awesome! I’ve donated my fair share to the trees too.

  • tkipp1983 says:

    Just want to say thanks for putting these videos up on here. makes it easier for a beginner to see what they are doing wrong. Thanks again and happy fishing.

  • FishFerTrout24 says:

    I’ve found that pheasant tail also works well on this fly instead of goose biots. The finished fly doesn’t look quite as nice but the trout didn’t seem to mind.

  • AdamsBaits says:

    as of October 2011, this is my FAVORITE fly!!! the big native trout just hammer it here in Washington!

  • spacefrogg5 says:

    apparently scotts way works. tied 2 and tried them out at the san gabriel river, ca and caught 5 brook trouts with his copper johns. i think i could have caught more, but my flies ended up in the trees. 

  • smrinn1999 says:

    my apologies, I didn’t know there was only ONE way to tie a copper john. 

  • awalt26439 says:

    Isn’t it about time that you environmentally oriented fly fishers got away from all that lead in fly tying? A #14 fly is just about the right size for a duck to scoop out of the lake or river bottom mud and to grind up with the gravel it usually has in the gizzard.

  • IronAltar says:

    Great looking fly- to be sure. But Copper Johns DON’T use pheasant tail, you left out black nymph skin for shell back and the legs should be hen back or partridge. Also where is the drop of Epoxy or UV Knot Sense? I think the fly will most certainly catch fish but it’s your variant of the Copper John. Not John Barr’s

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