Robert on his evolution from Barbie to Tonner Doll – Doll Collecting History

In this rare personal look into Robert’s love of Barbie – thoughts brought about by the wonderful video long-time Barbie collector Darla sent us of her opening her first Tonner doll – Robert relates his own past personal love and collection of Barbie, and gives perspective on Barbie’s place in doll history as he sees it. In a very real sense Tonner Doll company grew out of, and evolved from much of the first aesthetics of early Barbie. Be sure not to miss the cameo appearance of ” Kit ty”.
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All of my Barbies! Just a quick peek at my Barbie doll collection – I have over 100 dolls, and I have been collecting for many years. The Sassi Wench

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  • acninee says:

    Over the years Barbie because too much a characture of woman, Tyler for the most part does not have a characturized or campy look. She is more the idealized woman. 50 years later Tyler opens up play again, and helps me to refine and define my own fashion sense and style despite that fact that surely I should be beyond needing her aid by this age! Thanks Mr. Tonner.

  • EmpressDeborah says:

    Love your polydactyl cat!

  • Terter69 says:

    Mr.Tonner you are such a inspiration to collectors and doll artistes everywhere :) Thank you for this video.

  • thoserubyslippers says:

    the vivien leigh doll is just stunning

  • weslee duplease says:

    wow that is so cool my grandmother collects barbies she got me into collecting as well your collection is beautiful

  • BarbieLewenski says:

    build some shelves on the wall and organize them on it

  • rhaniadiva says:

    i have a barbie sister doll which is stacie 1 more in criclkewood arogus

  • wiwn00 says:

    i did not skip a singgle thing from this vedeo! wew

  • gamy2chknfc says:

    love this video thanks!

  • happyness83 says:

    my sister has the barbie and the three tear drops doll and book

  • ThisIsRealMe16 says:

    What’s the name of a Barbie at 09:22 in a pink box?

  • alpehoj says:

    What a beautifull collection

  • doll1223 says:

    Beautiful Collection…

  • chloekat3 says:

    i cant keep mine in boxes lol i love them too much id do gently handle them though so they are not messed up hee hee

  • TheCatwoman229 says:

    your barbie doll collection is very beautiful especially the ballet masquerade barbie i have the ballet masquerade barbie doll too i found her at a goodwill store where i live at and she is still in her box she cost me $ 3.99 what a fabulous find she was !

  • FanofBewitched says:

    Cool collection you have a very nice one:) I also collect barbie dolls. I have over 175-180 dolls. I’ve seemed to have run out of room for them lol. I want the Scarlett one! I’ve looked for that one lol. I like it because it looks like Vivien Leigh. Where did you find it at? Don’t take them out of their boxes. Also when did the Romeo and Juliet ones come out? Sorry for a long message. I just love collecting barbies:) If you would please send me a message. That would be great. Thanks:)

  • MisaFaden says:

    It would be interesting to see them organized by year. You have a beautiful collection, and look gorgeous as Priscilla

  • barbieholix says:

    YOU HAVE A MARILYN MONROE DOLL!! she is so stunning  :)))

  • 4getfulness16 says:

    I want them! They’re beautiful! :D

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