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Hobbies and Crafts Review of Sewing, Review of Knitting & Review of Crochet as a Hobby

My whole life, I have watched the women in my life immerse themselves in either sewing, knitting or crochet – at times, transfixed with just one form, but many times juggling a shared passion for two of these, if not all 3!


Clearly, sewing, knitting and crochet are crafts that are enduring – they are woven in to the fabric of our lives and whether or not you partake in them now, or have done so in the past, it is almost a certaintly that you will partake in at least one of them at some point in the future (certainly, if you are of the fairer sex, but not exclusively so…)

Why is this craft so compelling? Well, I doubt that there is any straight answer to that, and everyone will have their own experience, but perhaps there is a common th read that interweaves itself amongst us all and that is the way the craft engages you – you touch it, you feel it, you sense it, you see it, you experience it – at times, the craft lifts and rewards you and at times it disappoints and frustrates you, yet this is OK  as no relationship worth anything is ever without it’s ups and downs…

Whichever way you look at the craft and whether or not you see sewing as a hobby, knitting as a hobby, or crochet as a hobby, a vocation, a source of income, or just fulfillment and a form of de-stressing and relaxation, it allures and it provides enjoyment to us all.

You will always come back for more and sometimes you just can’t stop your passion for sewing, knitting or crochet.

Have you tried any of these crafts for yourself?  Recently…

If learning sewing,  knitting or crochet is something that interests you, our recommendation is that you start with Interweave Store , which is a tremendous online resource for all things Sewing, Knitting and Crochet.

Crochet: Vivid Dreams Blanket Completed!Creative Commons License Sewing Daisies via Compfight
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Go on, Find a Hobby in Sewing, Knitting or Crochet Now!

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Sewing, Knitting, Crochet Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts
The very best online advice for Sewing, Knitting and Crochet advice from Hobbies and Crafts on CrunchTheJungle

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Whichever one you choose, Sewing, Knitting or Crochet will give you hours of pleasure
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