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RiverBum’s Stated Mission

Bring premium flies and fly fishing products to fly fishers at great prices. began with an eclectic group of fly fishing buddies who were each, in their own way, tired of their choice in flies: Either pay $2.00, spend hours of time at the vise, or buy something cheaper only to have it fall apart after a couple casts. The shop was born after carefully sampling over 50 of the world ’s best tiers.

From this world wide sampling the RiverBum Team has selected the absolute best tying facilities.

They have confidence in all of their products because they fish them themselves!

The RiverBum team have gone out and selected the best flies, fly tying kit and fly fishing gear available and put them out there at great prices. Now that you have found them, RiverBum would like to build a lifelong relationship with you and other fly fishers from around the world . RiverBum will always be expanding to include even more fly patterns and fly fishing products .


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Renzetti Presentation 2000 Pedestal Model P2004 – Fly Fishing Tools

from: RiverBum, LC


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