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Hobbies and Crafts Review of Manga as a Hobby

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Many of us will remember growing up loving Comic books … at least, that will be true for those of you who, like me, grew up in times that pre-dated the digital age!

mangaredressWell, Comic Book s still have a tremendous following, so don’t feel alone if you still feel that sense of nostalgia towards them.  Comics today have gone Digital in a big way – and, they are better than ever!  Most intriguing of all, is perhaps the Manga style of Comic books that have recently grown tremendously in popularity the world over.

Manga has it’s origin in Japan, with the word “manga” being a Japanese word referring both to comics and cartooning.   Closely linked to manga, is the term “Anime”, which is Manga that has been animated, both by hand or by computer, into television series, films, videos, video games, commercials, and internet-based releases, so you could also think about following Anime as a hobby.

Whilst both Manga and Anime are strictly Japanese in origin, it is no surprise that the groundswell interest has sp read world wide into Manga and Anime styles of Western origin.

Those Big, Round, Sparkling, “Manga Eyes” are just so compelling, that it is a certainty that manga will continue to gain in popularity into the future.

And, if you are creatively minded, how can you possibly resist the urge to take up manga as a hobby, learn how to draw Manga and try create Manga for yourself?

SD人物的日常XDCreative Commons License WeI-chieh Chiu via Compfight
Well, fortunately there is some brilliant help out there that will have you up and going like a PRO in no time at all

- if you are interested in the art of manga and drawing manga yourself, you will want to learn how to hand draw manga, read more in our manga hobbies and crafts review here.

- if you want to learn to create Anime,  try your hand at computer animation manga, read more in our anime hobbies and crafts review here – THIS REVIEW OF ANIME IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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Go on, Find a Hobby in Manga Comics or Anime Studio Animation!

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