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CTJ’s Favourite from our Review of Manga Blog site s – Manga Wort Read ing is a Blog site that is focused on the Manga genre, presenting independent opinions by host Johanna Draper Carlson and friends. The site is updated daily with the aim to inform the read er looking for honest opinions on good read s. If Manga is your interest, then Joanna clearly has a Passion for her subject to share with you.

On her Manga Blog site , you can access News and Review s of  manga, link through to other genre comic book review s, and learn about related subjects, or simply read and interact with her Blog Archive.

For those new to Manga, Joanna informs us on her Manga and Anime Blog site that : “The term “manga” is commonly used to describe comics translated from Japanese and published in digest-sized paperback volumes, usually black-and-white”


Visit Manga Worth Read ing by clicking here.


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