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I know from visits to a friend of mine, that Amateur HAM Radio, as a hobby, is alive and kicking!  Sure, it is not for everyone, but then what good hobby is?  One thing that stands out for me for those that are connected with this hobby, is how utterly absorbing it is – those that follow this hobby, stick with it, and it yields them hours and hours of enjoyment, connected to a world reserved for those in the know…

YAESU FT-857Creative Commons License Axel Schwenke via Compfight

When I was young, my next-door neighbour was big into CB radio, so I got to know about this world through him. Although CB radio and HAM radio are not quite the same thing (OK, quite different actually, with HAM radio operators requiring licencing through examinations), there are similarities in the gadgetry and social connectedness methodologies. I even had my own “handle” which I am scratching my head now, trying to remember.

What I can say, is that the time that I spent connecting with others, was engaging indeed – there was something transfixing about the crackle of the radio, the orange and green lights, the uniqueness of the lingo used…

CrunchTheJungle.com review s Hobbies & Crafts and we aim to provide meaningful information to those interested in trying them out – however, review ing them does not always make us an expert on the subject.  So, if there are any HAM Radio enthusiasts out there that want to offer more advice to newcomers than what we are able to get to in this short Review , please feel free to post your comments below – I am sure that your experience would be appreciated by the newbies.

 Here’s what we can offer to get you off on the right footing in Amateur HAM radio :

1) Check out CTJ’s recommendation for the very best Amateur HAM radio equipment supplier here.

2) Read here for only the very best in Blogging on Amateur HAM Radio. You will notice instantly, that there is much more to HAM radio than simple conventional Web-based Social Networks, as the rest of us mere mortals know it – join in the fun of an Amateur Radio Social Network!

Check out our Amateur HAM Radio Video Collection here – we update this frequently, so check back every now and then!

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Amateur HAM Radio Windowshopping( Worldwide Regions – Outside USA )

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