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Hobbies and Crafts Review of Doll Collecting

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Doll Collecting can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your age.  What makes any hobby appealing, is the manner in which it draws people together, in a way in which they can share their passion with like-minded enthusiasts, and in this respect, Doll Collecting is no different.

Dolls have captured the imagination of young and old for a very long time, and as a result, doll collectors have a tremendous range to cast their attention across – to mention just a few types of dolls that may make up a typical doll collection:

Bisque Dolls ; Cloth Dolls; Wooden Dolls; Composition Dolls; China and Porcelain Dolls; Paper Dolls; Vinyl Dolls; Hard Plastic Dolls

… And that is just for the antique range of dolls. There is also a huge range of modern contemporary dolls, fashion dolls, action dolls, and the list goes on…

Without doubt, Paradise Galleries is the best online store for shopping for high quality dolls.

Fight Like A Girl

Probably the best place that CrunchTheJungle has found on the Web, describing the range of Antique dolls available is on Collectors Weekly. This is an excellent information source and highly recommended.

Another great visit is to The Doll Page which offers a range of services for the online doll collector and is bound to be helpful for anyone wanting to learn doll collecting :

CTJ’s suggested books on doll collecting [UK Region]

CTJ’s suggested books on doll collecting [USA Region]

Something else really fun and interesting, even though not quite Doll Collecting, can be found at My Memory Dolls – click here for a Really Fun Surprise!

custom wedding cake toppers

And, if it is just Great Blog s on Doll Collecting as a Hobby that you are after, here is CrunchTheJungle’s selection :

Lil' Football Star

Go on, Find a Hobby in Doll Collecting!


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