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Great images of steam trains - some still in operation, some from the past, some miniature...

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CTJ’s Favourite from our Review of Classic Steam Train Blog site s:  Steam Blog is a straight-forward steam train Blog site , that will definately give you that nostalgic feel of steam powered rail, through it’s great collection of pictures and Blog postings.  It is not exactly an interactive Blog site , but there aren’t many of those around for this subject, but it is worth a visit nevertheless.

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If you are looking for a blog site that is written by someone with a lifelong passion for Steam Trains, then you will find that at Sammy’s World – with a Miniature Steam Train experience thrown in as well. Sam Brandist tells us on his Blog that he is Fireman at the Battlefield Line Railway at Shackerstone in Leicestershire, as well as a passed driver/fireman on the 5″/3.5″ gauge Ryton Pool Miniature Railway at Ryton Country Park near Coventry. Sammy clearly loves his world of trains and goes out of his way to share that passion with you through his blog which he  regularly updates, for your interest. It documents as many of Sammy’s acitivities in the heritage/railway sector as possible.

 Visit the Sammy’s World Blog site by clicking here.

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