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Candlemaking & Soapmaking as a Hobby

At least twice a year, I find myself taking a trip to the Midlands – a place that extends beyond scenic beauty, captivating  the soul and resting the spirit.  I always find that I leave the Midlands, to head back to the City, richer in heart and soul than when I arrived.  There are so many reasons why the Midlands has this effect on me, very few of which I understand and most of which I hope that I never will… it is the mystique that enthralls and it always draws me back …

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Well, one of the few things that I think I do understand, is the depth of family value that the Midlands offers and delivers.  I have a young family, with two beautiful children, and for me, nothing quite matches the Joy and personal enrichment that I gain from watching them enjoying themselves in splendrous affinity with the countryside – it is as if they are immediately at home with their kindred spirit, from the moment that we arrive to the moment that we leave … and then, beyond that, in the stories and the memories that they take away from them.  Our visits are always rich, always rewarding.

How on earth is this related to choosing soap making or candle making as a hobby, you may ask?

Well, the link is small and perhaps tenuous, but to me it is quite significant – it is through my children’s eyes and smiles that I have observed the joy and fulfilment that is on offer to anyone that may wish to purue this as a hobby. I simply cannot take a trip to this Region, without also taking my children to a small candlemaking facility. As children under 10, they will easily spend an hour of intense engagement with the activity of dipping a piece of string in and out of hot wax, cooling it in water, drying it, and then dipping it back into the hot wax, occassionally varying the colour. Slowly, the string transforms and takes shape as a candle.  At the end of it all, the candle is sliced and shaped further, revealing the variety of colours that they have used in it’s making.  For the children, it is a simple but tremendously rewarding activity – for the observer (me) it is so much more…

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Well, if you have read this far, I may not exactly have taught you much about the hobby and craft of candle making, but perhaps I have given you that little extra spark that you needed to get started.

Go on, start creating candles for yourself?

Fortunately there is some great help out there that will have you up and going like a PRO in no time at all.

- Secrets to Successful Candle making is a wonderful home study course if you are interested to learn candlemaking and creating your own candles.


Secrets to Successful Candlemaking


CTJ’s suggested books on candlemaking [UK Region]

CTJ’s suggested books on candlemaking [USA Region]

Not that far removed from candlemaking, is the option of soapmaking.  An added interest with soap making as a craft, is the fact that soaps actually get used to cleanse our bodies, so along with this comes the interest in healthy and sometimes organic solutions – handmade soaps trump the chemically-enriched mass produced products , EVERY TIME!


Read here for only the very best in blog ging on Soap making as a Hobby.

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Check out our Candle making and Soap making Video Collection here – we update this frequently, so check back every now and then!

CTJ’s suggested books on soapmaking [UK Region]

CTJ’s suggested books on soapmaking [USA Region]


Go on, Find a Hobby in Candle making or Soap making Now!

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