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Calligraphy as a Hobby

In the 1996 film, The Pillow Book , starring Ewan McGregor and Wu, the viewer is drawn into the sensual poetry of calligraphy, as Vivian Wu’s screenplay narration of Nagiko ponders : “I cannot be sure which is more important – A calligrapher who is a good lover; or a lover who is a poor calligrapher”.

The film Hero takes an entirely different angle, drawing a parallel between calligraphy and the art of swordplay, played out on a supernatural stage in this visually stunning martial arts epic.

Hollywood has always seen a role for calligraphy in the film industry, as the linked article by Jill Bell explains. From my own personal perspective, it is the sheer patience of a calligrapher that impresses me. I literally scrawl notes on a page in a manner that would make a medical doctor seem like an English teacher, so I find it quite mesmerizing, even somewhat perplexing, to watch a calligrapher in action, turning letters into works of art and further,  in the hand of one gifted, merging words into poetic prose . Calligraphy most certainly can be viewed as an art – in case you have any wavering uncertainty about this, pay a visit to the Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, home to the International Exhibition of Calligraphy as the world ‘s largest project dedicated to the art of calligraphy with representation from artists across 50 countries.

Indeed, the art of calligraphy is impressively represented in the formal structure of an exhibition, but for me, it is the exhibition of the art in Nature itself that is most profoundly inspirational. Somehow, nothing quite infuses the soul in the way that Nature can… She whispers, yet we can all hear so clearly… we all hear something unique… something meaningful and deep… each to their own…

Visit the Beachscriber  Blog for visual calligraphy inspiration that will simply blow you away! Here are some of our links to what we consider to be the best help out there on taking up Calligraphy as a hobby :

- Easy Calligraphy makes it simple and easy for absolutely anyone to learn calligraphy. The programme includes Bonus Video s And A Step-by-step Guide, along with a practise book .

- if you are looking for calligraphy supplies, Mister Art is our recommended place to go.

- read here for a Blog site that aims to be a one-stop calligraphy learning site.

Check out just some of our Calligraphy Video Collection here – we update this frequently, so check back every now and then!

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