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Hobbies and Crafts Review of Batik, Wax Painting and Encaustic Art as a Hobby

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As a young child, I very distinctly recall working with wax and fabric as they tried their hand at silk painting.  Thinking back on it, I guess that my parents were just experimenting with their creative side, as the experience didn’t last more than a year or two.  But, it was a wonderful time for me.  I remember the colours, the process, the fabrics, and most of all the surprise and excitement at the unexpected result.  Wax painting of any sort is a bit like that – unless you are experienced with the craft, the result emerges in bits and pieces and it’s final true beauty is only revealed at the very end of the process, in a wonderfully surprising blaze of unexpected colours.

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Although I have not yet personally repeated the Craft in my Adult years, the experience and memories have remained with me and perhaps one day I will experience the wonder all over again. The book Beginner’s Guide to Creative Batik is where I would look to get my creative juices flowing again and to begin a journey to learn Batik painting.  Or if you are looking to learn encaustic art, try out this book for the Encaustic enthusiast :Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax

Here are some of the links to what we consider to be the best help out there on Batik, Encaustic and Wax Painting as a hobby :

-there is never a better place to start than learning from the experts – especially when these tremendous artists are willing to share what they have learnt through their own experiences – visit and browse through this great video collection on Artists Network TV.

- if you are looking for all of your supplies, follow this link to Northlightshop where you will find a great selection of painting and drawing resources for artist of all levels.

Visit Batik Freak for a Blog site that privides a review of Batik, but also alows you to join in the adventure of discovering Batiks and share your learning experience with others, or get a thorough Review of Encaustic Art in the All Things Encaustic Art Blog & Directory .
CTJ’s suggested books on Batik, Encaustic & Wax Painting [UK Region]

CTJ’s suggested books on Batik, Encaustic & Wax Painting [USA Region]

Check out just some of our Video Collection here – we update this frequently, so check back every now and then!

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