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Those of you that have read Roald Dahl, will know that he has a wicked, somewhat warped, sense of humour. If your current association of Antiques & Collectibles is limited to “The Antiques Roadshow”, then you owe it to yourself to read Roald’s take on the subject in his wonderful short story (Parson’s Pleasure) in a book called “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life”

…this story will likely transform your view on the antiques trade forever, and it is certainly good for a giggle. I once heard a review on Roald Dahl where he was referred to as “tall and gangly, with a drawn smirk on his face and huge strangulous hands” – there are probably some in the antiques trade who would want to turn those strangulous hands on the author himself (if only they still could) after read ing this story.

Well, back to the reality of this review which is centered on Antiques and Collectables, not Roald Dahl. I have always had an appreciation for Antiques – my husband tells me that this has been cemented in by the number of times that I have managed to persuade him to pull out the credit card when a particular item had drawn my fancy. So, I guess that this is not a natural affinity for everyone, but regardless of your perspective, it is an affinity all the same…

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The one thing that has always struck me about antiques is how on Earth to correctly evaluate them? In this light, my recommendation is that you take the traditional method of looking the item of interest up in a Price Guide, the best of which is Miller’s Price Guide which you can find here. This is a definitive guide that has been going since 1979 and is well-respected in the industry.

If you are actually looking to buy or sell Antiques, a good place to go is Tias.com which is the web’s largest and oldest online Antiques and Collectables Mall.

Tias offer a great search facility – see below.


Follow this link to read more on why Judith Miller’s Blog is CTJ’s Favourite Antiques and Collectables Blog . This Blog site will certainly help you to learn more about antiques and collectables.


And, if it is Honest, Solid, well-written advice on Antiques that you are after, try this Antiques Q&A Blog .

Check out our Antiques & Collectables Video Collection here – we update this frequently, so check back every now and then!

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Follow the Links for some casual Antiques Windowshopping(UK Region)

Follow the Links for some casual Antiques Windowshopping(USA Region)



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