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Calligraphy as a Hobby In the 1996 film, The Pillow Book , starring Ewan McGregor and Wu, the viewer is drawn into the sensual poetry of calligraphy, as Vivian Wu's screenplay narration of Nagiko ponders : "I cannot be sure which is more...


Beach Calligraphy Blogsite Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts

CTJ's Most Inspirational Calligraphy Blog . WOW! This is Inspiring & Beautiful... Andrew van der Merwe's Blog on Beach Calligraphy is Simply Amazing! I am not a Calligrapher myself, but I look for uniqueness & passion in the blog ...


Bill’s Space Calligraphy Blogsite Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts

Here's a One-Stop Calligraphy Blog - Calligraphy Learning Blog site If you have a love for lettering and either want to learn about getting started with Calligraphy, or you are al read y a seasoned calligrapher wanting to share and teach...


CTJ’s Favourite Calligraphy Blog

Bill’s Space is aimed  at  anyone who has a love of calligraphy, or lettering. Especially beginners and those who  are  having trouble getting started.  Featuring videos and worksheets, links and articles, all with a bias toward art,...


Easy Calligraphy!

Best Online Calligraphy Package Available.   Made Simple And Easy For Absolutely Anyone To Learn. Includes Bonus Video s And A Step-by-step Guide Plus A Practise Book .   Just imagine seeing stunning, professional...


MisterArt Calligraphy Supplier Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts


MisterArt Calligraphy supplier, Arts and Crafts supplier and so much more MisterArt was launched in 1996, in the very early days of online shopping. For over 15 years, they have maintained their status as the world ’s largest source for...

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