Review of C Crane Company

C Crane Company have carved out a niche for themselves as the leading supplier of Radio equipment - as they claim on their website, C Crane simply love radio - and it shows! ....Looking for Ham Radio, Amplifiers, Antennae, Radio Accessories and...


Hobbies and Crafts Review of Amateur HAM Radio

I know from visits to a friend of mine, that Amateur HAM Radio, as a hobby, is alive and kicking!  Sure, it is not for everyone, but then what good hobby is?  One thing that stands out for me for those that are connected with this hobby, is how...


All-Mode Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver

  Product Features Transmit Range on Amateur Bands from 6-160 Meters, Plus 2 Meter & 70cm! 100 Watts Output From 6-160M, 50W on VHF 2M, 20W on 70cm 440Mhz. (FM-SSB-CW) Receives 100 kHz-56 MHz; 76-154 MHz & 420-470 MHz All...

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