Doll Collecting Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts

Hobbies and Crafts Review of Doll Collecting Doll Collecting can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your age.  What makes any hobby appealing, is the manner in which it draws people together, in a way in which they can share their...


Memory Dolls – Product Review | Hobbies – Crafts

Here's a Fun Surprise from Memory Dolls! Here's something that will blow your Family and Friends away! Get a personal figurine to make your occasion or experience unique.   And, we are not just talking wedding photographs...


Doll Observer Blogsite Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts

Hobbies and Crafts review of Doll Observer Blog site - A Great Fashion Doll Collectors Blog ! The Doll Observer is also a heap of Fun. claims to be "The Online Community that every Fashion Doll Collector can call...


Doll Diaries Blogsite Review – CTJ | Hobbies – Crafts

CTJ's Favourite Doll Collection Blog - Doll Diaries is a Fun, well-laid out & interactive Blog site , hosted quite simply by "a Mom and occasionally her daughters".   The Mom in question is "Char" and she hosts this site, seemingly on a...


Paradise Galleries for High Quality Dolls

Such a Gorgeous selection of high quality dolls to bolster any collection. There is nothing like the joy of getting a new doll. Receiving a doll will bring a smile to your face and create a memory to cherish for a lifetime. In this connected,...

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