Restoring my old car’s performance?

Question by JC: Restoring my old car’s performance?
I’m looking to get some pointers on where to start on restoring my 13-year old car’s performance.

Here’s the deal. I have a 13-year old Toyota Corolla XE with a 1.3 liter 2E gasoline carburetor engine. It was my mom’s car before and now she’s passed it on to me and it’s been with me for a year or so and I’m looking to get it’s peak performance back.

A summary of my car includes that minimal or absent maintenance has been done from it’s previous owner asides from the usual routine oil changes. So far the new things the engine’s al read y got replaced are the timing belt, the battery, and the brake pads.

During my care I’ve replaced the Fuel and Air Filters, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the tie-rod ends(alarmingly wobbly front wheels), replaced the entire clutch assembly, and replaced a failed starter system, recently replaced alternator bearings, and replaced the engline’s top cover rubber seal, oil was leaking a lot, and took apart the radiator and cleaned all the crap out of it… and all the above old replaced parts were Toyota originals…

Yeah it’s really that old and uncared for… *sob*

But I plan to bring it back to it’s glory days and I seek advise from experienced people to give me some pointers to guide me… I’ve done quite a lot(i think) and I feel that it’s not enough yet…

Being that this car has served my family for more than a decade, I see that it deserves this “performance restoration” I have in mind… Problem is, where do I begin??

Thanks a lot for the read and I apologize for it’s length..

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Answer by Quentin
You could always have the engine and carburetor rebuilt…

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  • Brian Greenfiel says:

    Well if you want to bring the performance back to the car you can start by replacing the headers which will give you better horse power and the adding an intake which also will give you more hp

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