Q&A: Why do people have “ham radio” license plates?

Question by BRUTALITY: Why do people have “ham radio” license plates?
I understand what a ham radio is, but why would someone need a specific license plate stating “ham radio”?
i can understand that someone may want to ‘customize’ their plates, but why would the state care? why would they go through the trouble of putting a special stamp down the side? there has to be a reason other than personalization, at least as far as i can imagine

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Answer by helpimarock
I’m not sure weather its a culture thing or not. Maybe they have a short wave radio in their car ? I think its the same reason people get vanity plates.

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  • John says:

    If you were an amateur radio operator, you’d understand.

    These plates identify us to other hams. Also, amateur radio is used in emergency situations, and can help public safety to identify vehicles that could be authorized access to disaster sites to help in communications emergencies.

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