Q&A: where can i buy parts and have then installed for my dodge neon 2005?

Question by zero_manout: where can i buy parts and have then installed for my dodge neon 2005?
i live in Virginia(fairfax) and want to do some exteroir work on my 2005 dodge neon sxt, but dont have the time to do it myself. i was wondering where the best place to bring my car in for work was. I am willing to buy part online and bring them them or order through company. I have done some looking online, but cant realy find anything past buying the actual car.

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Answer by 04SuperHawk
Hey I work for a Dodge dealer in Florida. I can honestly say that if you want parts that will fit directly to your car. and are made specifically for your car. go to your local Dodge. Crysler, jeep dealer. they are all owned by the same company. You can get SRT parts that will fit your sxt and so on. they should also have after market parts that would fit your car, or at least be able to get some. Talk to the pros. bro. they do this for a living!! They will be more than happy togive you prices and helpful advice! Take care! and good luck!

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  • Iknowthisone says:

    I agree with the first answer. If you want parts that are made specifically for your vehicle go to a Chrysler dealer. Who knows more about parts and installing them on your vehicle?

  • Mark B says:

    While the parts available at the dealer are made for it, I’m thinking you’re probably looking for something that is unique and different from every other Neon out there.

    There’s many different body kits available for Neons. There’s some that will fit perfectly without any need for extra work, and some will require some extra work to fit correctly. The better name brand kits will generally be the better kits. If you look in the phone book for “Automobile customizing, conversion and restoration” (it might be slightly different in your book, but should be similar) there should be places listed that can order and install them.

    Usually, the best prices on body kits are at customizing shops, or from the internet, but remember, you have to add shipping to the internet sale.

    Other option is to call a body shop and ask them if they paint and install them if you bring them in. Some don’t mind, but some won’t do it due to difficulty in fitting aftermarket kits like that. Most of the time, they can take the gas door off for paint matching so you can drive the vehicle while they’re painting the parts to cut down on the time you have to leave the vehicle there.

    Some dealerships will order the custom aftermarket kits for you, but you’ll usually be able to get the same thing for less from another source.

  • Living the Life says:

    i have a 2004 dodge neon, live in missouri, i ran into the same problem. i bought msd coil upgrade kit and the dis ignition from jegs, magnaflow cat-back dual exhaust from jegs, diamond slotted rotors from jegs and so on. the r34 body kit i bought from extreme dimensions .com, direct fit, the same with my bat schorcher wing, u can find stuff for this car, good luck, and great car

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