Q&A: What do you think of when you think “antique?”?

Question by Javin: What do you think of when you think “antique?”?
I’m trying to come up with ideas for my mother’s home business. She finds antique fabrics for people, as well as antique furniture for those trying to decorate a house with a certain feel.

When you hear the word “antique” what pops into your head? I’m looking for ideas for her logo.
Specifically, I’m looking for something visual to put on the logo (ie: an antique chair or something that says “antique.”) Not so much looking for a phrase.

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Answer by jon s
pleasures of the past..
treasures of the past …
yesterdays lure…
sentimetal sensations ( spelling ???)

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  • Emily M says:

    when I think of antique I think of old Victorian style sort of stuff, or I think of glamorous and wealthy
    because antique is very old sentimental stuff that is usually crafted very finely and has a lot of intricate detail

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