Q&A: What are some good “how to draw manga” books?

Question by ☆Michael★Anthony☆: What are some good “how to draw manga” books ?
I’ve drawn and painted off and on my whole life…and now I want to get back into it. I am a huge fan of anime and manga, and I’ve seen that there are a lot of “how to draw manga” books out there. Which are the best?
Or I guess I should ask…are they any good?

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Answer by Karen D
Well for me i think you should do is get a book on how 2 draw because they usually explain how they can see how u can draw the books but it up 2 you on what u want 2 buy just remember that is time consuming on how u spend Ur money so the best idea is that u should just get a boOK on how 2 draw ok

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  • Cross Damon says:

    I particularly don’t use the “How to” books.
    I take examples from artists online and look carefully at it.
    Then I sketch it out myself, and repeat it till I have the basics down. Then, I play around with it until it becomes much more my own style than what it began with. The “How to” books can be helpful, but i wouldn’t BUY one. maybe just library it.

  • P.J says:

    If you already have some experience in drawing, I wouldn’t actually go out and purchase a “How to” book for drawing manga. Based on my own experience as well as others, I have found “How to” books so frustrating, because they’re so “step-by-step”.

    I would only look at a “How to Draw Manga” book to pick up the basic concepts, rules, terms, and principles associated with manga (kind of like how graffiti writers follow a manifesto and guidelines before actually getting into graffiti).

    The “How to” books are also good for getting the hang of a manga comic LAY OUT. This, in my opinion, is probably the hardest thing to grasp, since how you lay out your manga affects its whole presentation: how it “moves”, “flows”, or “comes to life”.

    As far drawing characters, that’s entirely your own thing. I agree with Cross Damon… The best way to draw characters is to look at examples and styles of other manga-ka and learn how to creatively develop your own. That’s basically the same process I’ve been using to draw anime and manga.

    My own style is a mixture of many things I’ve picked up from years of watching anime/reading manga, life-drawing, and video game art.

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