Q&A: Please Define “Encaustic”?

Question by summerice: Please Define “Encaustic”?
I am trying to define the word/technique “encaustic” in my own words. Would saying that it is “a technique that uses pigments mixed with hot wax, burning in color” be a good way to describe it? Or am I totally off?

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Answer by HowUdoin’
Unless your trying to rewrite the dictionary, yes.

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  • rtred3 says:

    yes, essentially beeswax with pigments added to it
    this paste is then used on wood most of the time, but sometimes on a canvas

  • JGinCowtown says:

    No, it doesn’t “burn in color.” Encaustic is an early cousin of oil painting. It is heated only enough to make it liquid. It is permanent, stable and though a difficult technique to master it allows rich color expression and the possibility of fine detail.

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