Q&A: how do is art if i want a job in the gardening “industry”?

Question by dancingblueyz: how do is art if i want a job in the gardening “industry”?
i don’t have a degree in horticulture, just a BS in “BS” so….

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first yearn engish

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  • exbuilder says:

    There will be lots of jobs available in your area in the Spring when the lawn care business gears up for the summer. Watch for the ads in the employment classifieds in your local newspaper. Greenhouses are in full gear right now just ahead of the change of seasons. You might want to stop by your local greenhouses and plant nurseries and inquire about job opportunities.

    Lowe’s and Home Depot are looking over applications nationwide right now in anticipation of staffing up their garden centers for the planting season. They beg for good help. Make sure you indicate an interest in lawn and garden if you fill out their applications.

    Good luck with your job search.

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