Q&A: Does anybody collect “Skookum Dolls?”?

Question by birdbaby: Does anybody collect “Skookum Dolls?”?
They are vintage souvenir dolls that resemble native americans that are wrapped with blankets that were sold from the early 1900s to about the 1960s. If you do, how many do you have? Do you buy them on ebay mostly or somewhere else?

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indian people does

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  • ChaplinsSmile says:

    I like them but I don’t have any. I love the bisque head scowling ones. I hope to get one on ebay someday.

  • oldbabes says:

    I sell collections of dolls and I have sold many of these dolls. They are available on Ebay and Ruby Lane and other servers. Wide range of prices. Doll shows often have them as well as some antique stores. You can set the ebay server to let you know when one becomes available for sale, this is very easy to do. Have the search saved and every morning you will receive an email from ebay. Always ask about moth holes in the blankets.

    Here is a bit about Skookums

    The Arrow Novelty Company of New York was founded in 1920, they are best known for their souvenir or tourist Skookum Native American Indian dolls (1914-1962) designed by Mary McAboy who was from Montana. The earliest Skookum dolls had dried apple heads with a wood frame body wrapped with an Indian blanket. Later the heads were made from composition, then hard plastic. The dolls costumes represent various tribes in native outfits; males, women, children and papooses (babies), represented in sizes of a few inches to 36″ tall, paper tags were often affixed to the bottom of the feet, tags from the 1940s to early 1950s read in an oval circle; Trademark Registered – Patented, inside circle, Skookum (Bully Good) Indian U.S.A.

    “Arrow Novelty” also made dolls of cloth, composition, hard plastic and vinyl. (Harry Heye) H. H. Tammen Company, H. H. Tannem Curio Co. (1881-1962) of Denver, Colorado also supplied Skookum dolls, mostly to the west coast under their Tannem label.

    1916 Skookum, The Bully Kiddo Doll, various sizes, composition head & hands, cloth body, felt clothing, produced by Amberg for the Northwestern Fruit Exchange, of Skookum Apple Packers of Wanatchee, Washington.

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