Poser Webinar : Artistic Posing Techniques for 3D Human Figures

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  • Bill Norton says:

    Why not just import the target picture as a background image?

  • noppander2 says:

    Great tutorial but raped by horrible sound quality. @Matrix29bear and dude.
    Wtf :D

  • Y- nZ says:

    yeah, ppl these day adept “more cost = more pro” practices.

  • pnewcombx says:

    I neglected to mention that the previous comment was in regard to using
    imported photographs as your environment. Because you’re now working atop a
    two-dimensional image, you would naturally incorporate the rules for
    two-dimensional drawing.

  • pnewcombx says:

    I’ve been drawing and painting for about 40 years (I’m 48). I’ve been using
    Poser since version 2, and am always surprised at just how much I refer to
    all the knowledge I’ve gained as a ‘traditional’ artist, when using the
    software. If you’ve no previous artistic training, I might suggest a book
    or two (or search you tube) on realistic anatomical drawing, as well as
    lighting, composition and perspective. These have proven invaluable to me
    over the years. That’s just my two cents. =)

  • Yoru No Tori says:

    xD I was thinking something like that lol….

  • rigomortisfxstudios says:

    i use to use poser on my old xp and i cant use it on my new laptop , i miss
    using poser 5 didn’t your site give it away once for free ?

  • ReiperX says:

    Yes and no. For the most part, they are interchangable for most of the
    functionality other than poser can use dynamic clothing and hair (basically
    you can do an animation and allow physics to help move and shape the hair
    naturally). But if you are just getting into it, get Daz3D.

  • Content Paradise says:

    Hello, please visit our official Poser website and click on “Try/Buy” for
    prices. Thank you and have a great day.-JRR

  • Other299 says:

    What do you need to get started and how much does the basic program cost? I
    don’t want to buy a plug-in or upgrade thinking I’m buying the program.

  • Matrix29bear says:

    Since body part weight + muscle limits + ligament limits + prop weights
    (necklaces, hammers, large wombats, etc) will deform or off-balance
    characters, properly Limited Tensor Chain Modeling plus self-balancing per
    pose (in action motion or simply trying to remain upright) will allow
    easier user posing functions and accurate reactions to props held or pushed
    upon. Again, the core issue is that the poor Tensor Chain Spline + Hollow
    Core Skin modeling results in crap 3D human POSER & DAZ models.

  • Matrix29bear says:

    One of the goals of avoiding Uncanny Valley issues is not to put your
    simulated 3D human body models in unintentional poses where the ribcage
    crushes the spleen or where the elbow is pressing lethally on the kidneys.
    Again, all of these very necessary modeling layers can remain invisible &
    unnoticed to the user unless the user desires to view them. Nor do these
    layers require millimeter accuracy per tensor limiting as the goal is
    “don’t squish my guts”, not picture perfect medical simulations.

  • Matrix29bear says:

    Straining to lift heavy objects, your arms become redder as blood rushes in
    along the under-skin muscle tensor chains wherever the various muscles are
    tensor-chain limit-straining. Even though the back muscles are not directly
    connected to the wrist muscles, the heavy weight reddens the muscles as the
    whole body’s tensor chain limits against bone & ligaments reacts. However,
    if lifting with only one arm, the other arm remains mostly the same color.
    Too much skin compression turns it purple.


    Nice Work.

  • Matrix29bear says:

    And now we move onto the issue of the lack of accurate modelling of Body
    Fat in POSER & DAZ. Body fat is somewhat loose in most human body areas,
    but remains trapped usually in a dense net web bag container. As such, you
    must also add it to body part weight calculations per self-balancing,
    muscle tensor chain limits, and it will react similar to a sloshing
    Spongioform cushion to a degree. The guts in general can be ignored except
    by negative Tensor Chain Limits, over-compression equals limits.

  • Matrix29bear says:

    As per the skin color variations, again, any non-moron would know that it
    usually is caused by blood flow pressure variances rather than any sort of
    bruising reactions. Press your finger tips hard into your arm, pull them
    away, white spots where the blood was squeezed out. Blood rushes in, then
    normal color. Angry? Blood rushes to face. Take a shower, if you are
    Caucasian then your skin will change (where the water hits) to redder under
    hot water, whiter under cold until blue or purple.

  • Andrew Miller says:

    I am on it,,thank you for this insight *****

  • يوتيوب says:

    I like this software, it’s better than stealing 3D Character and using
    Photoshop to remove watermarks ^_^

  • Eledero says:

    head hard bend on photo

  • Lightfromsirius says:

    It’s much faster to create than you think. It’s Anime Studio.

  • rocky53204 says:

    Your work is always of the highest standard… excellent!

  • tazatriste says:

    sorry, but yes, it’s totally animated and composed on Anime Studio 8

  • ObscurityN says:

    really cool

  • spamdude1 says:

    Wow, this is awesome. It must have taken a long time to do.

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