Phonetics/Amateur Radio Puzzle Help?

Question by Cameron: Phonetics/Amateur Radio Puzzle Help?
I was trying to figure out a puzzle, but I couldn’t really understand how to solve it.

The puzzle is called hooked on phonetics, the hint for it is “amateur radio” and the actual puzzle is:

Pan Tah Bees Soh Nah Day No Vay Ok Toh Oo Nah Say Tay Oo Nah Nah Dah Sok See Tay Rah Ok Toh Bees Soh Say Tay Ok Toh

The final answer I believe is supposed to have numbers in it, because it is a location.

If anybody could solve this for me, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Ben Nabors
I think you have only given part of the puzzle, as what you have listed equates to a 15-digit string of numbers, which is:
In terms of what kind of location information this provides, there might be a latitude/longitude pair hidden in there, but I don’t see it.

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