Organic Soap Making

Organic Soap Making – This is how we make USDA Certified Organic soap. From start to finish, we hand make each bar from the finest ingredients possible. We believe this is the mildest soap available!

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  • TRACKtoU says:

    Nothing beats naturally organic made soaps! Your skin will thank you in 20 years, my skin is beautiful. Other soaps are detergent, run…TRACK

  • VermontSoap says:

    I have done this! Tastes like soap, but it’s safe. However, we do not recommend ingesting soap – even organic soap – so anyone who tries it, don’t swallow!

  • tpmm1 says:

    Looks fantastic!

    Are some of your soaps so pure, that you will be able to brush your teeth with it, too?

  • VermontSoap says:

    I find that the process used by big soap makers (milling) makes harder soaps, which MAY last a little longer, but they are devoid of moisture, and dry out your skin. They certainly aren’t organic either! As far as SLS goes, our soaps are certified organic, so SLS is not allowed. We don’t use it, and never will. You can see our organic certificate and also our ingredients list on our website.

  • VermontSoap says:

    We get this question a lot! You can make soap out of basically any fat including human I suppose. Vermont Soap makes soap FREE of any animal products, and we never test on animals, but animal fat is quite common in soaps.

    You’ll see it listed as sodium tallowate, and it’s a cheap waste product from the beef industry which the huge soap companies make into detergent bars which most people use every day.

  • VermontSoap says:

    We reuse all that we can. Some ends up as samples that we give away, and some will become Sudsy Putty which is a moldable claylike soap which kids love to form into different shapes!

  • folktales says:

    are the cutting machines organic?
    (just kidding, although i still wonder seeing as they interact with the soaps but i’m sure it’s without significant effects…or is there?)

    and, i would totally work as a soap-maker for a shop like yours.

  • NancyToday says:

    Quite the cutting machines you have!  Those organics going into the soap look pretty interesting, too!

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