Need a title for my movie, any ideas?

Question by Moviedude91: Need a title for my movie, any ideas?
I’m an amateur filmmaker and I’m going to be filming my movie soon. Only problem is that I don’t have a title and I’m really struggling to figure one out. I know its hard to come up with a title without read ing through the screenplay, but I thought maybe if I posted a brief synopsis make someone could come up with something to help me out.

The movie is about a guy, Rick, who is a bit of a cocky womanizer. He owes a lot of money to this mob boss, named Silva, but he can’t pay it back. Silva offers Rick one last chance to pay off his debt. There is a very valuable package his men have acquired that he wants delivered too him, but it is a dangerous since he is not the only one who desires what is inside of it. He offers Rick the chance to obtain the package and deliver it to him.

Rick reluctantly agrees. He is later out on a date and it goes horribly wrong. A woman named Gloria who had been following Rick seduces him and they go back to her place. A lot happens but in the end she ends up stealing the package from Rick to deliver it to her boss, Mariano. On the way to deliver the package to Mariano, she visits the house of her love, Xavier.

Rick eventually wakes up and through details not important for this particular synopsis, Rick ends up in a face to face showdown with Gloria and Mariano. Gloria reveals that she has all along intended to take the package for herself and her lover Xavier, and she proceeds to kill Mariano. She turns the gun on Rick to kill him too, but Rick’s friend (who had been with him but was hiding) comes out and kills Gloria.

Rick and his friend go to Xavier’s house, kill him, and reclaim the package. Rick then delivers it to his boss Silva.

I know that’s a lot but I hope someone can maybe help me out. I was thinking of making “Undisclosed Desires” as a title (also the name of a song by my favorite band Muse), but I’d love to hear if anyone could think of anything better. Thank you so much!

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Answer by Bean
last chance

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  • Jolly says:

    Personally, I think Undisclosed Desires would make a fantastic name for such a movie, and would look forward to watching such a film. Titles are what makes viewers wish to see a movie, and so it is very important that you have a name that can snag the audience’s interest. I wish you the best of luck with your production and such, and I hope your idea is popular!
    -Jolly :)

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