My 3 year old is into “gardening” these days. Any suggestions for FAST growing flowers we can plant?

Question by mk_rocks: My 3 year old is into “gardening” these days. Any suggestions for FAST growing flowers we can plant?
I know bean plants grow fast, but she wants flowers. I was thinking sunflowers. A friend suggested marigolds. Anyone have experience with these? I was hoping to keep it simple and just plant in a flower pot – especially since we have so many deer around that will probably eat them. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Answer by theatomicbombshell
Any sort of Bean grows fast, but sunflowers are your best bet for something with flowers. Plus they can double as a natural bird feeder in the winter..even more fun for the kiddo!

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  • Sandy G says:

    Sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds are all good fast growing flowers.

    You can get flowers and food from runner beans. They are climbers with nice violet flowers.

  • Dwayne H says:

    I think there called cow patties or cow pots but all you do is put the plant in the pot and dont worry there is no bad smell and put it in the ground and all you need to do is water it the point it is its own fertalizer if u already know this then im sorry I do not know about a pot but I think the pot is cheap sorry I do not know where to get them

  • momwithabat says:

    Petunias bloom while the plant is still very small and will bloom profusely until frost if watered and fertilized. Blooms need to be picked off after they die, which is a great job for your child. They can ‘inspect’ their plants daily for spent blooms.

    the great smell is an added plus!

    My 18 month old granddaughter loves picking dead AND live blooms off mine…….doesn’t really matter since the plant is covered with blooms and new buds. Petunias handle ‘mistakes’ well.

  • amber_the_cook says:

    Sunflowers are a good choice. Every time it rains mine seem to have noticable growth. Marigolds are good and most animals seem to avoid them – added bonus!!! – but they do not seem to grow as fast as sunflowers.

    For sunflowers, I would buy the tall ones that you can eat the seeds from. Get netting to keep the birds out, and then enjoy your harvest with your little one!

  • Wallydraigle says:

    For something a little unusual you could try a bucket of water with some water hyacinth. Water hyacinth doubles in size every few days, and has some beautiful peacock flowers when it gets full fun.

    Don’t dump any where it can get into natural waterways or lakes.

  • ylangylangylang says:

    All of those are good choices, sunflowers because they tower and wil feed the birds too, beans because you can eat them. Radishes are FAST germinating and ready in three weeks. A few would fit in a pot along with a couple of beets which take 60 days to mature but are sweet and red and kids seem to like them. Mint smells so nice. Lamb’s ears are soft. Scented geraniums.

    You also might want to get a bag of mixed beans from the grocery store, plus any other seeds you might be going to plant in the garden, and lay them between moist paper towels so you can peek and watch them sprout ans you’re waiting for things to sprout in the garden. Also do the classic yam in a jar with toothpicks. the vine can get really long.

    Gardening is great for a small child’s development because they CARE about the plants and feel responsibility. By extending themselves to include them in their circle of concern they grow emotionally.

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