Muscle Car Restoration – Metal Work – Patch Panel

Greg installs a patch panel on the rear quarter of a 1967 Mustang Coupe.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The cleanest metal in town. or 972-420-1293
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • TheGraphitte says:

    I pop the wire brush on my electric drill and rust doesn’t stand a chance… I can also strip paint…

  • Brooke Smith says:

    awesome video guys. i’ll be going to a tech school for basic metal repair and metal refinishing. sounds silly to ask, but is this the type of stuff i’ll be learning. it’s all a yet unlearned passion for me right now. awesome vid.

  • TRcustomengineering says:

    Is it ok to use etch primer on the rust spot after doing the vinegar water, then do my body filler over the primer?
    Or should I do the body filler on the bare metal

  • MrGnugfur says:

    I was going to go nuts with chemicals for the same result as you’ve got here. But im gonna go with vinegear and see how that turns out. :)

  • Richard Young says:

    Great video Pete,thanks for showing us things we can use without spending a lot of cash.Got two vehicles I’ll be stripping at some point and this will really help!

  • bhlingle says:

    I am attempting to build a rat rod and using your videos to learn. Thanks for doing them. I want to leave my truck in bare metal but coat it somehow to keep it from rusting. If I am able to get it to bare metal, what do you suggest I coat it with to keep it that way for a long time?

  • Hipcatz2k12 says:

    Pete Dude, You da man! I love the way you tell it like it is! Your a breath of fresh air and I wish the world had more people like you in it! I couldn’t ask for a more down to earth tell it like it is video that the ones you are putting out! Keep up the good work and don’t change a thing! Your worth you weight in gold!

  • SuperChickenfarts says:

    Great videos! I tried the vinegar solution on some fender skirts. Working as advertised. My question is about the rust converter. Can this be primed/painted over? For example, the roof section that you treated, once the rust con is applied is it ready for primer? PS.. Keep rockin’ the Navy hat!

  • local80g says:

    Hi Pete, Can you please explain primer to me. When do you use epoxy primer and why? I think you said that you cant sand epoxy primer, is this true? If so, what do you do with it once you spray it on your car? When do you use filler primer and when do you use regular primer?
    Please give as complete a answer as you can as I am new at Painting. Thank you.

  • diyautoschool says:

    If the metal is clean the just spot treat it like I did on this car in the video. All your doing is concentrating on the surface rust areas with the vineger/water mix. Take it easy and good luck. Pete

  • nickinvegas777 says:

    HI pet great video , i strip’d my 1978 Cadillac down to metal there is only 4 or 5 light spots where the vinyl top was , other wise car is rust free! , i just wanted all the ol lacquer off , this car is for my son when he gets older ,
    do i need to vinegar water treat the whole car or just the spots ?
    and what kind of sealer do i need to look for ?
    any tips would be great, it just seems like auto bod supply just wants my cash $
    thank you sir for posting this video, god bless

  • Ccrazypants says:

    You are seriously the coolest guy ever, hands down, I enjoy the way you live life. Thanks for your help as I am restoring a 67 mustang and have found your videos very informative and funny!

  • diyautoschool says:

    If your talking about the green scouring pad that is basically like the scotch brite yes you can.. You can even use steel wool, anything that is course enough to scrub it down and get er done. Pete

  • trooper0198 says:

    what a great tip ! cheap too ! thanks

  • diyautoschool says:

    The vinegar water mix is for surface rust only, if you have thick flaky rust it will not remove it, once you have let the v/m mix dry you should go over it with a d/a sander using 80 grit then epoxy prime… Pete

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