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  • lWalky says:

    Couldn’t you just answer him what is the format?

  • TimmyCrackCorn says:

    As an experienced After Effects user, I am wondering if there would be any
    point (as I often do with many products where there is overlap like this)
    to getting this software? Sometimes it IS worth it as it targets something
    specific that is much harder to accomplish in AE. OR, there is a lot of
    content to get you up and running faster as well. Is either the case here?
    Just wondering if you can point out some pros of using this over just doing
    it in AE. Thanks.

  • Dora E. H. Crow says:

    Happy to see that there’s a Mac version! Thought this was pretty funny on
    the System Requirements page: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS “Obviously, you must be
    breathing and somewhat computer literate. Other than that you’ll need the
    following hardware and software to be able to use MotionArtist:”

  • Méndez Fernández says:

    Is the developer team working in the html5 output with audio and video?
    —and reparing the probems with internet explorer…?

  • jon wallace says:

    Im on the stands about this software. Can it do this level( League of
    Legends Spirit Guard Udyr.) of output? If so, looks like you’ll have
    another satisfied customer on your hands. If you dont know what im talking
    about a motion comic was released for League of Legends. If you youtube it,
    it will pop up.

  • keylightproductions says:

    It sounds interesting – but what I’d like to see is examples of interactive
    comics done with this tool that are currently functioning on the web –
    could you please provide some links.

  • Content Paradise says:

    It does! You can import your Manga Studio files right into MotionArtist. ^KD

  • ZeMovinPixxle says:

    does it support Manga Studio files?

  • Content Paradise says:

    Hi! Our system requirements page says that it does work on Vista. You
    should contact tech support!

  • dalfvideos says:

    Well, not really… I mean, in essence it seems pretty similar but the work
    enviroment seems to be a lot more streamlined and the ability to export
    your work as hmtl5 is pretty useful.

  • scott lyttle says:

    Strange question -the email offered the “upgrade” price – how can one buy
    an upgrade when this is the first release?

  • Content Paradise says:

    Hi Scott – Anyone who took part in the free public beta can now upgrade
    using their serial.

  • Дмитрий Белый says:

    the same can be done in 3ds max

  • MG Beers says:

    The thing this didn’t cover and I’m wondering is, does it allow you to do
    any real animation like toward the end where the dude is animated in the
    frame or only import created animations (like with flash) ? the static
    animations have limited appeal to me, although kinda cool, I’d want it to
    be more than that.

  • Naruto200Man says:

    Question, what’s the difference between THIS and Manga Studio ,_.

  • Zachary Heil says:

    I’ve got Manga Studio, which I still haven’t used because I’m intimidated.
    I did a cursory search of Toonboom. Is toonboom very user-friendly? I have
    absolutely zero animation/art training, but I want to make basic animations
    for my own music videos. I’m not looking for high-grade, I just want
    practical, functional, and easy. Non-fluid, basic, sloppiness like
    Radiohead’s Paranoid Android video.

  • cheekywena says:

    i agree with comments posted below but AE will cost me 20x what this costs
    without Adobe Cloud and seems very similar to Flash to me but same argument
    around cost. It’s within the reach of anyone wanting to play with animation.

  • Content Paradise says:

    Yes, if you signed up for the beta program then you should have gotten an
    email with the details. If you didn’t receive an email please go to our
    website and contact our customer service team, they will be able to help

  • Gendgi says:

    Is it out yet? i mean beta is over and can we finally buy it? :)

  • Content Paradise says:

    YES! As of today, MotionArtist is now available for purchase!

  • coffeetime1001 says:

    Cool. Finally! No more Flash. HTML5 is the way to go when viewing on iPad.

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