MotionArtist Introduction

An introduction to the workspace and features of MotionArtist.

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  • Content Paradise says:

    MotionArtist bridges the gap between your comics and your readers. It’s a
    new approach to layout, animation, adding interactivity, and getting read.
    This is a new product with a new approach to animation. We’re really
    creating an animation and interactivity product with comic creators in
    mind. And we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. So you won’t see any
    drawing, inking, or coloring tools here.

  • Gendgi says:

    Is it possible to add special effects in the panels? like rain, snow… etc?

  • CreativeSoulTV says:

    I just got the beta version and can’t wait to play around with creating
    something cool, thanks for the videos!

  • 3DPIXSTUDIO says:

    If you already own Anime Studio, why would you want to buy and learn this
    software? Please tell me why.

  • Paula Rosanna says:

    I LOVE Motion Artist. I wanted to move into animation but my start was in
    comics when I was a kid. Now I get the best of both, I just started working
    on my first series with Motion Artist Beta and I am so excited :-)

  • Jimbo Jones says:

    Looks ideal for what I need, but from the start when I try to open a .psd
    file as you do in this intro I only get the same ‘mini page icon’ as I
    would when an image is unrecognised. What am I missing?

  • 3DPIXSTUDIO says:

    Ok good answer, your free download e-mail video is more clear. Just wanna
    be helpful since the intro video above gives no context and jumps into
    technical details without product detail

  • Content Paradise says:

    There is only one version – it will be released at San Diego Comic-Con
    tomorrow and will be available as a free public beta.

  • Content Paradise says:

    What you will see is a powerful composition and presentation application
    that’s very intuitive. We’re also trying to bridge a gap between comic
    creators and their readers. Again we’re not reinventing the wheel so
    artists can export their comics or presentations in common file formats
    without being locked into a specific format or having to use a service. You
    can export as a common video format or more importantly HTML5.

  • maxheadspace says:

    So, I’m not yet convinced of the value-added from this program. I
    downloaded the free beta copy, but I have not seen any video clip here of a
    finished product. If I want animated graphics, Anime Studio does fine. If I
    want to build a cartoon frame, most photo or drawing applications support
    compositing. There’s a number of tutorials here for using the features of
    MotionArtist, but I have not yet seen a finished product that “wows” me.
    Provide some demo “reels” in addition to the tutorials.

  • ciskid23 says:

    i think this is for making like a motion comic cause some plp may want to
    do more with there art than just have it read, it kinda reminds me of
    toonboom’s story board pro, i think theres a place for that mediam since i
    happen to like seeing a comic come to life

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