Manga Studio Webinar: What’s New in Manga Studio 5

Join Doug Hills, author of Manga Studio for Dummies, in this 1-hour webinar as he takes you on a tour of the new features in Manga Studio 5.

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  • Officer M says:

    for SketchUp you can import the OBJ file in MS4. But I found what works
    best is exporting/save the SU as a PDF then open and re-save in photoshop.
    Then import into MS. Sounds lengthy but a lot faster than drawing the same
    object (cars, backgrounds, etc) over and over again.

  • Officer M says:

    why did smith micro remove some of the most useful tools? Like focus lines?
    With this new ruler method it actually takes LONGER to make focus lines.
    these seem like basic tools that made the previous version useful. Also
    they removed the import text option. So what I have to type all the text
    from word? Can you say multiple typos! Can they be added back in.

  • regeice says:

    I love this software, it’s like if sai fused with cs6

  • RushTheater100 says:

    Hi I was wondering if there was a way to use layers to color or ink scanned
    images. I’m having lots of trouble.

  • Content Paradise says:

    Hi, TaraArtsMovie. Have you contacted our Tech Support with your issue?
    They’re awesome and will definitely be able to give you answers. ^KD

  • Tara Arts Movie says:

    No matters, I think I’ll upgrade it to the EX version first, if there still
    a problem I’ll contact the tech support.

  • Tara Arts Movie says:

    I got a problem, the memory information says the application only use 6% of
    my memory… The software becomes laggy…. And I got 16 GB of ram, nvidia
    gtx 660 ti with 2 gb vram…

  • phantomofoaktown says:

    You can import drawings from manga to animate in anime studio, right?

  • Content Paradise says:

    Sorry for taking so long to reply. Have you contacted our Tech Support?
    They’re awesome at answering all of your MS questions. The link is
    available on the Manga Studio website. Click on Support link at the top of
    the page, and then click on Contact Us. -KD

  • Luis Rodrigo Ruiz says:

    Just a note: The feature mentioned at the 28 minute mark, where you have
    the tone adjustments saved on a seperate, non-destructive layer has been a
    function in Photoshop since the CS version. You can access it by going to
    Layer>New Adjustment Layer>… on the menu bar.

  • Pepper Cat says:

    Awesome video I was wondering why I couldn’t get my strokes to move they
    were in a raster layer not vector.

  • robert101455 says:

    I’m waiting for MangaStudio 5 EX. Is there an estimated release date for

  • Gustavo AMS says:

    Where is the ‘Stroke-out’ on Manga Studio 5?

  • tigerfanman says:

    why doesn’t the navigator window also flip when i flip my drawing??? its
    annoying.. i can’t seem to find a flip canvas option that would do this to
    the navigator window

  • aerithncloud4eva says:

    I couldn’t find that pose he used under 3d models

  • angeltread says:

    i love manga studio. this is a very good step to not having to use anything
    else… i have a few questions… 1. i think i see the button… but i jsut
    wanted to confirm…. can you do a transpancy lock on a layer? 2. is there
    anything like a in PS the non destructive adjustment layers? 3. in the
    settings… is there anyway to add a tiny cross hair or a dot to the center
    of your brush? when using a really large brush it would be nice to know
    right where the center is.

  • hasnii chasnii says:

    Can you tell me how to reset the setting in manga studio? I want it to look
    like it is new and everything is at default. So tell me how to change the
    setting back to its normal and default setting.

  • Chloe Allison says:

    QA: Can you show more about the 3D options? Could you make animations? Draw
    over them? Please answer

  • Drake Andreeson says:

    That’s in the ex version

  • rgbrao says:

    I will tell you what worked for me. I did a File>New in MS. Then I dragged
    and dropped a .obj file from my desktop to the new canvas. I tried this
    with a MakeHuman .obk file and also with another that I got for free in
    TurboSquid (elf_archer_static.obj). They both worked fine. However there
    was one another that I also tried and it looked like one big grey blur. Not
    sure why as yet. I will keep playing. Also, while u can import them, u
    cannot bend their arms, etc. because there is no armature.

  • Teyon Alexander says:

    Do you mean the “Stroke” feature in Photoshop that creates a line around a
    selection instead of just filling it? If so, it’s in the Edit menu, we call
    it: “Edge Selection Area”. A little, confusing, I know but that’s the
    feature it sounds like you’re looking for. It creates a colored border
    outside, inside, or along a selection

  • robert101455 says:

    Thank you very much! I’m really looking forward to it. Manga Studio is a
    superb program, with the best digital pen emulation of any graphics
    software out there! The ruler layers rule! (Ahem.)

  • SammyDoesForFun says:

    Do you think if its better if I use Manga studio 5 or Manga studio EX ?

  • flipsidezw says:

    Ex is the professional suite of that version. EX5 is slated to be out this
    summer. I like 5 better than EX4.

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