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  • TheKitteny23 says:

    I watch Hell Girl anime but I want to see the manga.
    I read the Black Butler manga and watch the anime too but the manga is great.

  • Thebeastmode1994 says:

    Honestly, comics are like not appealing cause its like where do you get them? where do you start? and basically its too danm confusing its hard to tell wats the original story, whats a filler story , man its not orginazed,

  • KingFojason says:

    If I get into comics my opinion may change but, who knows.

  • KingFojason says:

    They have some anime series where I’ve only seen the anime adaptation and have no desire to see the manga. When it comes to anime I usually end up losing interest and dropping it if it gets really long unless it’s really good or entertaining. That’s why dropped so many ongoing series I was watching. I’m not as picky with manga because I’m an avid reader.

  • KingFojason says:

    I prefer anime and manga over comics. I don’t even own any comics right now.

  • Dxyztheend says:

    I like how both the manga and anime act as a back up for each other. For example, you want to know what happens at a certain point in the anime, you check out the manga and vice versa. Of course all anime/ manga arent going be that way and in some instances leave you more confuse than to begin with.

  • LetsTalkOnePiece says:

    the main difference between comics and manga are the stories manga for the most part tell an actual story they start and they eventually end, most comics just continue and continue and continue and get way to complex and diverse not to mention many of them are generally speaking written by far too many different writers While mangas are mostly written by just one individual.

  • CaptainAshSpearow says:

    Anime is certainly gaining influence on American cartoons, what with the success of Avatar: The Last Airbender (and now Legend of Korra), the Ben 10 franchise, Teen Titans, and the work of Greg Weisman. Conversely, there are anime that use Western influenced art styles and stories, like Tiger and Bunny, Panty and Stocking, and that South Park bit in FLCL. That’s not even getting into tokusatsu’s influence on American superheroes and vice versa.

  • sirmel11 says:

    Let me state this. Manga is better than American Comics in all ways…Well time to watch the video haha.

  • RODNEY383 says:

    The way the art is drawn is a strong indication of a Manga/Japaneses influence because of how it looks. I draw a little bit and I don’t draw in a manga style, so I find the art in comics to be more often then not very pleasing to look at. Just my two cents,Like what you like.

  • Bastian Pichardo says:

    With comics the animated series are drastically different like in the comics there are four robins and the comics there are two and the comics are not epasodic at all its just like manga just in color but you said u don’t really read comics so its no big

  • RODNEY383 says:

    What I mean with the art is there is a way to draw a specific way if your doing a manga. How to draw a nose,how the draw big eyes,how to draw chibi characters.Which is fine but often you have multiple series with characters that look the same with different hair. Stuff like Baki The Grappler and Berserk have a unique style that deviates from what is primarily a art style aimed at a Japanese audience. With comics you have a limitless amount of styles ,some good ,some bad just like manga.

  • RODNEY383 says:

    I gotta say,I watch anime and read comics ( not Manga though ). Ive always preferred to watch an episode instead of reading the Manga.I recently got into comics because the comics do things outside of the animated series. New characters are added,characters die,peoples backs get broken..cough BATMAN cough. I’m not gonna say which is better because I don’t read both but I do prefer American comics at the moment.Also the art in most anime series is so standardized. next comment..

  • Hollow33N says:

    I like mangas more they’re more detailed and I can learn to draw better off them

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