Manga and Technique?

Question by mcfri: Manga and Technique?
i’m an amateur mangaka (a person who draws comics basically similar to japanese ones).

i’d like to give a more professional touch to my works.

i generally use paper and ink,adding nets at the end,but it always look so untidy and not as clean as those drawn with the pc.

so, should i buy a graphic tablet?wihich one ?
i can’t spend more than 250 euro,and i live in italy.

what about “Manga Studio”? is that a useful software?

what should i really consider to create an high quality comic?i mean,what kind of paper,ink and so on?

for any advice,please contact me,i need info as soon as i can.

thank you so much,

hugs from italy!

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Answer by Ruth51
Hi! Here is a link to numerous sites that have free software for anime drawing. It would be a good idea to read about some of them to enable you to decide which program will be best for you and your computer:

Some anime tutorials will help you with your hand drawing. There is a wealth of artistic knowledge available about this style of art.

Learn from the ones you like, pass on the ones for which you don’t care. Here are some links to anime tutorials:

Also, check out this information about copic markers and their use in Anime, plus note that the featured Anime artist, Kenneth O’Connell is giving a workshop in Italy:

Thanks for asking this question. Best wishes!

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