Making Soap Wedding Favors…need tips?

Question by Hmmm: Making Soap Wedding Favors…need tips?
I”m getting married this October and thought that an interesting wedding favor would be small leaf soaps. I bought a mold and coloring for them today, and am waiting for my half off coupon to go back to joanns and buy a brick of soap to try them out. The only issue I have is finding a good scent to scent them with. I’d like to stick with a scent that goes with the fall theme (pumpkin, maple…etc.) But they had none instock. Can anyone reccomend a good place to find, or a good brand to look for? Anyone have any “soap making” tips? Would love to hear from you guys!

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Answer by Kimberly G
Are you going to put them on the reception tables? Some people might mistake them for mints.

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  • thejanith says:

    One year-round scent that’s also a good autumn scent is vanilla. That might work very well. I think this is a fun idea. Are you going to wrap them in those tulle circles and tie with a ribbon? If you did that, you wouldn’t have to worry about folks’ thinking they might be edible.

    If you have a Michaels crafts supplies store near you, they have all the soap-making stuff, too. They’re having a sale this week on some of their wedding supplies. You might be able to get the tulle circles there on sale. This week, they do have the Offray ribbon spools on sale 3/$ 1.00 — that’s 6-10 yards of thin ribbon, depending on the type you buy. It comes in all sorts of nice colors for different seasons. Figure at least 12″ per tie-off, so you’d get 18-30 ties from one 33c spool of ribbon.

  • vicky.nichols says:

    I make homemade soap.
    This is a site I use for my fragrances.

    I use mostly essential oils, but this link are for a couple of fragrance oils. The 3 that I found on this site also contain scents of vanilla..
    I’m getting ready to make some pumpkin soap as well, so I’m glad you put me on a hunt for some fragrances… Good luck and congrats!!!!!

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