Magazine Roll-up Crafts

Take those old magazines that are laying around and make a cool container for your desk or crafting space.
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  • TellonmeTV says:

    Thanks for posting this craft! We love hearing about recycling and repurposing!

  • SofcheM says:

    I’ve made it and it’s very pretty! Thank you so much!!!

  • 1huayna says:

    Really like this, have some good projects ahead.

  • 12Absters says:

    Thank you for this video! I love my new canister!

  • PattieWackDesigns says:

    Hi ChaceBowz,
    Sorry I’m just getting back to you but I’ve been staying busy at the Craft & Hobby Association trade show in Chicago. If I remember correctly I used a coffee can from Trader Joes for the larger project. The can is actually made of the same light cardboard as those Pillsbury Poppin’ Fresh dough biscuits and crescent rolls but only bigger. Take a look at the chip/snack isle at your local grocery store-cheese puffs or another chip/snack like Pringles but bigger. Or go to Trader Joes.

  • PlethoraPiggies says:

    It may be weird but im giving one to my mommy on her birthday because she said she loves things i make more than what i buy even if i can’t make it pretty like yours.

  • paolagzzgzz says:

    the bad thing on this tool is that you can only cut circles on big pieces of paper, you cannot cut in small pieces because you can’t hold it to do it, for small pieces is better use a die and your big shoot machine :)

  • HRSoftwareSystems says:

    That really is innovative! I have never seen anything like it. I can see how someone who crafts a lot would get great use out of this. Is there a pen or pencil attachment for? And can you cut fabric with it?

  • MustaffaCuppa says:

    This must be the coolest circle cutter going! I’m honestly going to purchase one TOMORROW! Thanks so much for the demonstration.

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